Saturday, December 1, 2012

50L Weekend Deal Volume 26 Funsized and More Edition

       50L Weekend Deals
                            Fun Sized Edition
                                           ╚═════════Volume 26═.✿.═╝
Angel Rae's Petites
S&S Clockworks

Event Horizon Cycles
~Jeanette's Joint~
Le Mouse (Catering to All the fun sized)

                              Stores in the following listing  will always have a 50 L Item
Decadent Courtesan, The Unseelie glen
Brandy's Boutique


}i{ Just Winging it }i{

.✿.═════════════════.✿.Building Aide.✿.═════════════════.✿.
Fantasy China

Haven Creations

Template Craze

.✿.═════════════════.✿.New Liaison.✿.═════════════════.✿.

We would like to welcome Petites Village Mall as a new rental area for petites and funsized.

Though gone we would like to acknowledge and say good bye to all the hard work The KiAna did in the Petites Shopping Village.

Disclaimer: This is a representation of the items available in the Second Life Grid. It is assumed all creations are original and follow TOS.

If you should have issue with anything represented please politely ping the creator, and send vanyi resident a notecard & if it should be removed.

- Thank you
.✿.═════════════════.✿.Thank You.✿.═════════════════.✿.

Last but not least please join us at Rag Dollz Island a community devoted to the Role-playing both Historical and Fantastic!
                             Thank you,  Ms. Eme!

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